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Spring 2014 Winners

Best of Show for 9-12 age group ~ Drawing 101
was Nicholas O!  Great work!

Best of Show 13-18 year old~ Anime/Cartooning

TIE winner #1

Mikell D.

Best of Show 13-18 year old ~Painting
TIE winner #2
 Harmony J.

Here are the winners in their respective categories.  Also listed are Honorable Mentions due to a

high number of close races!

Color Pencil 9-12 Winner: Nicholas O.
Color Pencil 13-18 Winner:  Karissa B.

Watercolor 9-12 Winner: Corinna C.

Watercolor 13-18 Winner:  Chloe K.
Cartooning/Anime 9-12 Winner: Emma S.

Painting 13-18 Winner: Harmony J.
Drawing 9-12 Winner:  Nicholas O.
Cartooning/Anime Winner 13-18 Winner: Mikell D.

Perspective/ Portrait/ Pen & Ink

9-12 TIE Winner #1: Christian T.

Perspective/Portrait/Pen & Ink 13-18 Winner:
Elizabeth S.
Drawing 13-18 Winner:  Harmony J.
Painting 9-12 Winner: Liam I.

Perspective/Portrait/Pen & Ink
9-12 Tie Winner #2: Kara T.
Here are the Honorable Mentions in each category:
Perspective/Portrait/Pen & Ink:
Madeleine S.
Sophie G.

Drawing101 and Animal Drawing:
Esther O.
Bailey S.
Chloe K.
Mikell D.

Color Pencil:
Chloe K.
Maddy G.
Max E.
Jessica L.

Madeleine S.
Sophie G.
Hannah L.

Karissa B.
Emi K.

Water Color:
Kenji K.
Coltin M.
Abby M.

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